The doctors at Smith Family Dentistry are proud to offer the most comprehensive dental services in the Charleston area. As one of the top dentists in Charleston, we offer general treatment, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, sedation dentistry and more to patients of all ages. One of the keys to our success is keeping up with the changes and technologies in the industry. Through continuing education, research and working one-on-one with our patients we bring the latest, high-quality dental care to our families.

In-office Technologies

Having the latest technology tools and equipment in-office means our doctors can control and adjust your dental treatment without relying on outside laboratories. Our in-office technologies include:

X-ray technology is imperative to the success of any dental treatment. We offer digital X-rays which use a small electronic sensor placed in the mouth to capture the image of your teeth and jaw and can be viewed immediately. Digital X-rays also offer the lowest radiation dose possible.

The professional and friendly staff at our Charleston office make it their duty to make sure our patients are educated on the best oral hygiene practices. The Intra-Oral camera helps us do just that! This instrument is a handheld video camera about the size of a large pen that is used to take photos and videos inside your mouth and show them to you real-time on a large screen. This allows us to show you close-up images of any dental challenges you may have and demonstrate what you might be able to do to help correct them.

For our patients who may need some deep cleaning of teeth, both above and below the gum, your general dentist in Charleston utilizes the technology of ultrasonic scalers. This tool uses electromagnetic forces to create ultrasonic vibrations that can break-up hardened plaque, tartar and stains on your teeth without damage.

Choose Smith Family Dentistry As Your Family Charleston Dentist!

From all endodontics to periodontics, you can trust the Drs. Smith to care for your oral health using their tremendous experience and education, as well as the latest technologies. If you’re looking for a general dentist in the Charleston area, give Smith Family Dentistry a call at 304-343-9131. You can even schedule your appointments online using our convenient form. We’re here to care for your teeth throughout your lifetime.